Fine Art

I have always been fascinated by texture, colour and finish. My paintings combine glues, resins, powdered metals, leaf metals, oils, acrylics, inks, acids, ammonia, Shellac and lacquer. These substances do not mix willingly. They have to be integrated through layering, juxtaposition... And alchemy. The finished paintings are living works: changing in different lights and evolving slowly through oxidisation.

I never make preliminary sketches. I face the canvas and the world stands still. Shapes, textures and colours start to flow, seeking form and balance. When these settle the result is sometimes scary, sometimes ecstatic but always ‘contained’.

So far I have explained my method and not my meaning. Meanings are harder, especially in abstract work. But here are some sentences upon which to hang your own responses:

The Expansion series explores the expansion of matter
The Descent series explores the decent of particles
The Colony series explores growth and order
My new works explore containment fields

So that’s a kind of an explanation. I leave you to respond to the paintings and interpret them for yourself. I hope you enjoy them. If you’d like to commission or buy a painting or discuss my work, please get in touch.